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Comfort can take many forms. Such as handling a PremiLine door. The sliding doors are easy to open or close, a simple touch being sufficient. Even for large sizes, the PremiLine system provides an exceptionally easy handling.
Thanks to the robustness of this system, the door has a high degree of safety and a long lasting functionality.

The PremiLine doors bring a touch of style to your house or apartment.

For diverse glass thicknesses up to 28 mm

Three chamber profile cross section with 54 mm building depth

A track variant facilitates barier-free building

Large scale steel reinforcements with high static properties and precision fit in hardware

Support lobes position the steel reinforcement and secure it at a distance as a measure to counteract heat transfer

Preinstalled brush pile and coextruded PCE glazing gasket


Color profiles are available:

• Laminated both sides in the same color (support material white or brown)
• Laminated both sides in different colors (support material white or brown)
• Laminated inside (support material white or brown)
• Laminated outside (support material white or brown)

Crystal White Ash



Grau 7155

Basaltgrau 7012


Anthrazitgrau Glat

Dunkelrot 3081

Weinrot 3005


Moosgrun 6005

Dunkelgrun 6125

Schwarzbraun 8518

Metbrush Aluminium

Metbrush Messing

Sheffield Oak Light

Sheffield Oak Grey

Eiche Natur

Desert Oak

Mountain Oak



Streifen Douglasie

Winchester XA

Golden Oak

Soft Cherry

Siena PR

Siena PN

Nussbaum V

Eiche Dunkel FL-F1

Mooreiche ST-F



Black Cherry

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