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PremiDoor 70

You can make the most of your garden, terrace or outdoor landscape with the PremiDoor doors.Where does "outside" begin and where does "inside" end? With the new lift-sliding PremiDoor system the difference between these two terms is more difficult to perceive.  From now on you can create smooth transitions between your home and your garden and enjoy the surrounding landscape.

Range of glass thicknesses up to 38 mm

High-insulation profile cross section with 70 mm installation depth

High-tech two-component gasket ideal for permanently loaded moving parts

Reinforcement ribs guide for positioning in a manner that provides optimum heat transfer

This track variant facilitates barrier-free designs

Treshold with optimal thermal break


1. Golden Oak
2. Mahagoni
3. Sapeli
4. Nussbaum
5. Eiche Dunkel
6. Streifen-Douglasie
7. Oregon
8. Dunkelrot
9. Stahlblau
10. Moosgrün
11. Dunkelgrün
12. Schwarzbraun
13. Cremeweiss
14. Anthrazitgrau
15. Grau

Color profiles are available:
• Laminated both sides in the same color (support material white or brown)
• Laminated both sides in different colors (support material white or brown)
• Laminated inside (support material white or brown)
• Laminated outside (support material white or brown)